fredag 16 december 2016

Julkalendern 16 dec - Jim Gaffigan

Okej, jag ska erkänna att jag inte vet ett dugg om denne komiker mer än att de stand-ups jag sett med honom har varit briljanta hahahahaha! Så vi snor lite info rakt upp och ner från Wikipedia för ibland så är det så!
"James Christopher "JimGaffigan (born July 7, 1966) is an American stand-up comedian, actor, writer, voice actor, and author. His humor largely revolves around fatherhood, observations, and food. He is also regarded as a "clean" comic, using little profanity in his routines. He is the youngest of six children and often jokes about growing up in a large family. After graduating, Gaffigan moved to New York to pursue comedy, a move that was inspired by his admiration for David LettermanHe found a job in advertising,and he would work during the day and take acting classes at night. However, his career began in earnest when a friend from the class dared him to take a stand-up seminar that required a live set at the end. He fell in love with stand-up, and began to play comedy clubs nightly—after his evening acting classes—until the wee hours of the morning. Gaffigan's style is largely observational, and his principal topics relate to laziness, eating, and parenthood. Also, during his routines, he will sometimes use a high-pitched voice and—in the third-person—deliver negative feedback on his own performance, such as after making a diarrhea joke in his 2012 special "Mr. Universe" using the voice and saying "Really, He's using diarrhea jokes?" He calls that voice his "connection with the audience.""
Så där har ni det. Hursomhelst, passa på att se hans stand-upfilmer om ni får en chans. Bra skit.

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